Varlion LW Summum Prisma S 22


Get absolute control on the court with Varlion Letal Weapon Summum Prisma S. The advanced racket features Prisma frame, 3D Slice rough texture, and Varlion’s S rubber for precision and spin. With Handlesafety technology and Summum technology, it’s a pro’s choice.

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The Varlion Letal Weapon Summum Prisma S  is designed for advanced or professional players.

With a round shape and a large sweet spot, it is a racket designed for precision and control.

It has a Prisma frame, reducing the point of contact and protecting the racket from possible blows. It also has the Prisma adhesive protector, which protects the frame and its union with the plane of the racket.

It is composed of a carbon frame and face and Varlion’s S rubber, a harder rubber designed for playing at temperatures of more than 25ºC.

It incorporates a 3D Slice rough texture on its surfaces to achieve better spin and a better grip on the ball.

It has Summum technology that combines several factors: a longer handle to facilitate grip and two-handed hitting; a 1cm longer hitting surface; a greater number of holes distributed gradually to achieve a larger sweet spot and Diffuser Wings technology in the core for better aerodynamics.

The Handlesafety technology increases the security in the grip of the racket, with a string that comes out of both sides of the handle instead of the centre.

A control racket with the best technologies and performance for you to play with absolute control on the court.

Brand: Varlion
Season: 2022
Gender: Unisex
Level: Advanced
Type Of Game: Control
Shape: Round
Weight: 350-375 G


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