Franco Stupaczuk


Franco Stupaczuk

Chaco, Argentina
Date of birth: 25/03/1996

Franco Stupaczuk Padel Racket

Franco Stupaczuk has inked a deal with Siux for the year of 2022. The Argentine padel player is currently using a racket from the brand Siux and is looking forward to continuing his successful partnership. With a wealth of experience on the tour, Stupaczuk is one of the most exciting players to watch and is sure to bring even more success to Siux. We currently waiting for Siux to release the new padel racket with Stupa! Read down below what Stupaczuk used to play with!

Franco Stupaczuk padel racket is StarVie Raptor Pro.

Franco has been involved in every aspect of the racket’s production, from design to materials and features. The racquet should support his aggressive control game. Lastly the design also includes Franco’s logo and signature.

The racquet is constructed from 100% carbon fibre. The core of the racket is soft but as a result of the roughened surface and two layers of carbon fiber on the outside of the hitting surface, you get a stiffer racket with a lot of control, power and precision.

StarVie Raptor Pro

StarVie Raptor Pro
5 5 0 1
Franco Stupaczuk choice of padel racket – The StarVie Raptor Pro
Franco Stupaczuk choice of padel racket – The StarVie Raptor Pro
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Franco Stupaczuk Padel Shoes

Franco Stupaczuk shoes is Lotto Sport Mirage 100 

The sporty Lotto Mirage 100 offers you everything you need to beat your opponents on the padel court. This shoe has been developed for fast players looking for reactive power and good cushioning. The shoe offers a good balance between stability, flexibility and this allows you to make short movements and take quick steps without having to worry about landing wrong.

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