Padel Players

Ale Galan

Madrid, Spain

Juan Lebron

Puerto de Sta. Maria, Spain

Martín Di Nenno

Ezieza – Bs As, Argentina

Paquito Navarro

Sevilla, Spain

Agustín Tapia

Catamarca, Argentina

Sanyo Gutiérrez

San Luis, Argentina

Fernando Belasteguín

Pehuajo, Argentina

Franco Stupaczuk

Chaco, Argentina

Alex Ruiz

Málaga, Spain

Fede Chingotto

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Which Padel Racket does Ale Galan use?

Ale Galán first came to the attention of the padel public in 2016 when he entered the WPT Main Event with his then-partner Juan Belluati. Since then, his success has been great and he is now ranked as the world’s best padel player. Click here to see which padel rack Ale Galán uses.

Which Padel Racket does Juan Lebron use?

Juan Lebron is one of the best players in the world and plays alongside world number one Ale Galán. This radar pair has dominated the World Padel Tour. Click here to see which padel rack Juan Lebron uses.

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