How much does it cost to build a padel court?

Best Padel Court in World

The cost of building a padel court will vary depending on the size of the court, the materials used, and the location. For example, building a padel court in a indoor area will be cheaper than building one in an outdoor area. The table below outlines some approximate costs for different types of padel courts.

Indoor Padel Court cost

An indoor padel court is a great place to play padel because it is always available, regardless of the weather. You don’t have to worry about playing in the rain or snow, and you can always find time to play without having to schedule around the weather. Many people find that playing padel indoors simply feels more natural and relaxed than playing outdoors.

Padel Club Milano

Court Size: 10m x 20m
Location: Indoor
Materials: Concrete + Synthetic Grass + Glass
Total Cost: Without foundation work costs about 15,000 to 25,000 euros

Outdoor Padel Court cost

There are several advantages of having an outdoor padel court. Playing padel outdoors allows players to enjoy the fresh air and get some sunshine. An outdoor padel court typically has more space than an indoor court, which gives players more room to move around in the surrounding areas.

Best Padel Court in World

Court Size: 10m x 20m
Location: Outdoor
Materials: Concrete + Synthetic Grass + Glass
Total Cost: Without foundation work costs about 15,000 to 25,000 euros

The cost of building a padel court will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the padel club, the materials used, and whether or not you hire a professional to build it for you. Generally speaking, though, you can expect to spend anywhere from €15,000 to €17,000 on a basic padel court.

How much does a World Padel Tour Padel Court cost?

If you want a more professional-grade court, though, you can expect to pay considerably more. For example, hiring a professional contractor to build a professional World Padel Tour court can cost up to 45,000 euros. And if you want features like professional turf and lighting, those will add even more to the cost.

What Is a Panoramic Padel Court?

A panoramic padel court is a specially designed court that features glass walls on all sides. This allows spectators to see the entire court, from one end to the other, without any obstructions.

The Benefits of a Panoramic Court

There are several benefits of having a panoramic padel court. First, it allows for more spectators to watch matches. This is because there are no obstructed views, meaning more people can fit into the viewing area. Additionally, panoramic courts create a more immersive experience for spectators. With an unobstructed view of the entire court, spectators feel as if they are right in the middle of the action.

The Drawbacks of a Panoramic Court

While there are many benefits to having a panoramic padel court, there are also some drawbacks. First and foremost, these courts are very expensive to construct. This cost is typically passed on to spectators in the form of higher ticket prices or membership fees.

Padel courts require a minimum ceiling height of 7 m in order to meet International Padel Federation standards. This ensures that players have plenty of space to play and enjoy the game.

What kind of lighting is needed for a court?

There are different types of lighting fixtures that can be used for a padel court, depending on whether the court is indoors or outdoors, and the space and capabilities of the building. Lighting has an important function as it can dazzle players or have a negative impact on the game if it is not set correctly.

Why is there sand at the padel court?

There are several reasons for adding sand to a padel court. First, the sand acts as a ballast, helping to keep the artificial grass in place. This is important because it prevents the surface from becoming uneven or moving around, which can be dangerous for players. Second, the sand provides a good glide for players, making it easier for them to move around quickly and safely. Finally, the sand makes the surface soft, which is important for fast movements and runs. This cushioning effect reduces wear and tear on players’ bodies, particularly their joints.


In conclusion, it is evident that the cost of building a padel court can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. However, by following the guidelines provided in this article, you should be able to get a good estimate for the cost of your project and start planning your dream padel court today!

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