How to play Padel: The Ultimate Guide 2022

How to Play Padel And Win Games | How to Play And Score in Padel Game | Learn How to Play Padel For Beginner

Are you trying to learn how to play Padel? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the right place because that is the topic for today’s discussion. 

In recent years, Padel has taken the world of sports by storm is popularly played in various different regions all around the globe. The sport is believed to originate from Spain and Latin America and dates back to as early as the 1920s. However, it wasn’t until 1974 that Padel actually emerged as the popular sport that is being played in today’s world.

Padel is one of the most fun and exciting racket sport, which is closely related to Tennis in various different aspects. Because of this close relation, your skills in one sport are likely to benefit you in the other as well. As the sport continues to grow in popularity with each passing year, more and more people are beginning to take interest in either learning how to play the padel sport to have fun with friends or family, or becoming involved in playing Padel on a competitive level to win the game. 

If Padel has seemed to grab your interest in recent weeks, then we’ll help you understand everything there is to know to effectively begin playing the sport. So with that said, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the how to play padel guide

What is the Objective of the Padel Game?

A typical Padel game consists of three sets of which, players must aim to win two in order to turn out victorious. Since Padel is played in pairs; therefore, teams must be coordinated to get the most out of their game. 

A Padel court is much smaller in comparison to a Tennis court, which is why planning strategies among pairs, is a significant part of the sport. As you might’ve noticed, Padel isn’t a game of raw power and requires players to rely heavily on intellectual planning and understanding among pairs. 

How to Play And Score in Padel?

The method of scoring in Padel is quite similar to that of Tennis. Players can score by making the ball bounce twice on the opponent’s side of the turf. Unlike Tennis, a Padel court is enclosed inside glass walls that are supported by a metallic mesh. Beginner Players can use the back and side walls to their advantage and develop strategies to learn how to score in padel more effectively. 

Similar to Tennis, points go up following the pattern 15, 30, 40, and game. In case of a tie at 40-40, a deuce occurs and the first team to lead with two clear points eventually wins the game. 

How to Play And Win a Padel Game?

A Padel game is played in the form of the best of three sets. In order to win a set, a team is required to win six games. If at the end of a set, the score becomes 6-6, a tiebreaker must take place which concludes in the favor of the first team to win seven points with two clear points. The first team to lead with two sets of wins is declared as the winner of the padel game. 


Playing padel is both fun and good exercise. There are many similarities with tennis and squash, but padel is still one of the most popular sports at the moment. With this best how to play padel for beginner guide, we hope you have an understanding of the game and that you will soon be back on the court!

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