Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Radio

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Experience unparalleled power and control with Varlion’s Bourne Summum Prisma Radio padel racket. Featuring Radio and AirFlow technology, Prisma frame, rough Slice texture, and more, this racket is designed for advanced players seeking the ultimate performance.

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Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Radio padel racket is a teardrop-shaped racket designed for players looking for power in their game without sacrificing control.

It uses Radio technology, which means that the racket comes out of its own mould with holes, increasing its resistance and performance.

The AirFlow technology is focused on giving fluidity to the passage of air through the racket by means of elongated holes located between the frame and the core.
It has a Prisma frame, which reduces by 90% the point of contact of the frame against walls and surfaces, as well as 10% of air resistance, providing usability and acceleration.
It includes an adhesive protector that adapts perfectly to its shape, the Prisma protector. This not only covers the frame, but also its junction with the blade plane.
It features the rough Slice texture on the surface, which has been designed and developed with a series of curved lines that make the surface of the ball hook more to them, increasing the effects of your shots.
The grip is longer than usual to provide the player with a more comfortable and professional grip, and also to facilitate the grip for those who use both hands on backhand shots.
The Diffuser Wings technology in the core incorporates an aerodynamically improved diffuser for improved manoeuvrability and precision.

Finally, the Handlesafety technology, a new grip safety system, in which the string runs through the two walls of the grip and exits from both sides of the handle, thus providing 100% safety and comfort in the grip.Let yourself be carried away by the power of the Bourne Summum Prisma Radio thanks to its diamond shape, high medium balance and medium hardness that, together with the rest of the exclusive technologies of the Varlion brand, will make you the king of the court.

Brand: Varlion
Gender: Unisex
Level: Advanced
Type Of Game: Power
Shape: Diamond
Weight: 355-380 G
Racket Face: Carbon Fiber


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