At Padel Rumors you will find the best padel rackets from the most famous brands with fast delivery within the EU & USA. We have carefully selected padel rackets suitable for beginnersintermediate up to professional players. As padel has expanded in Europe, there are now many manufacturers of padel rackets and we have listed them all. Bullpadel is one of the best padel manufacturers in the world at the moment. The giant Adidas currently has the world leader Ale Galan as a padel player. You can sort padel rackets by shape, balance, surface and function. Buy padel rackets today.

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Which padel racket should I choose as a beginner?

Starting to play padel is easy and choosing a padel racket that suits your level depends on your type of game. We have written a buying guide for you if you are looking for a padel racket for the beginner level. It goes through which padel rackets are the best for you in 2022.

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The best padel racket for professional players

When you want to invest in your padel playing to become a really good padel player to reach the top, you need the right equipment to expand your potential further levels. We have listed the best padel rackets for professional players.

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Are you curious which padel racket the players of the World Padel Tour use?

When it comes to padel, the equipment you use can make all the difference. Thats why the worlds best padel players rely on the best padel rackets to help them perform at their best.

The World Padel Tour is the biggest padel tournament in the world, and it attracts the very best padel players from all over. To be competitive at this level, you need to have the right racket. Thats why all of the top players on the World Padel Tour use padel rackets from leading brands like Bullpadel, Head, Wilson and Varlion.

These rackets are designed to give you the power and control you need to succeed at the highest level. Theyre also built to withstand the rigors of competitive play, so you can rest assured that your racket will last for many matches to come.

If youre looking to take your padel game to the next level, then investing in a quality padel racket is a must. With so many great options on the market, theres sure to be a racket thats perfect for your game. So dont wait any longer, start shopping for your new padel racket today!

We have listed the top 10 ranked players in the World Padel Tour (WPT) with their padel racket and equipment. See which top ranked Ale Galan uses as padel racket. Which padel racket does Paquito Navarro use? We have the full list.

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Book a padel holiday to the best padel courts in Europe.

We have listed the best padel courts in Europe. Fly to sunny Spain and play padel on the best courts in Europe. We have listed the finest courts in cities like Marbella, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Stockholm and Moscow. Join the trend and play padel in Moscow.

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