Fede Chingotto


Fede Chingotto

Buenos Aries, Argentina
Date of birth: 13/04/1997

Fede Chingotto Padel Racket

Fede Chingotto padel racket is Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTRL 2022.

Bullpadel Vertex is one of the best-selling top series in Padel and the choice of many players on the tour, including Maxi S√°nchez and Fede Chingotto who play with 03 Control. With the 2021 model, an already awesome padel racket has been gently refined with the new Air React Channel technology. This means a new construction in the racket neck that results in a more aerodynamic padel racket with air channels in the racket neck. The new version should create a more stable, smoother and lighter racket where you get faster and more aggressive response when going on the attack but at the same time better control when placing the ball.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTRL 2022

Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTRL 2022
5 5 0 1
Fede Chingotto’s choice of padel racket – The Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTRL 2022
Fede Chingotto’s choice of padel racket – The Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTRL 2022
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Fede Chingotto Padel Shoes

Fede Chingotto’s shoes is Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly

Shoe designed for professional or advanced players who require a flexible and lightweight shoe, designed for padel but without giving up a bold and attractive running style. The upper features double mesh: a mesh base that forms the structure of the shoe and a semi-transparent outer mesh that gives it a unique look.

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