Bullpadel Elite W Gemma Triay 2022

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Introducing the Bullpadel Elite W, the racket of choice for Pro Player Gemma Triay. With a hybrid shape and medium balance, this versatile racket offers the perfect balance between power and control. Made with Bullpadel’s Fibrix technology and reinforced with CarbonTube, it’s lightweight and aerodynamic, while Vibradrive reduces vibrations. Perfect for advanced players looking to take their game to the next level.

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Here we have the new paddle racket Bullpadel Elite W, designed for the World Padel Tour player Gemma Triay with a spectacular design, changing the colour of the logo on each side of the racket.

This racket is made for advanced level players, with a hybrid shape and medium balance, allowing you to give it all in your power shots, but perfectly controlling the ball.

It is made with Fibrix, Bullpadel’s hybrid fibre that will provide elasticity to the core and greater flex. In addition, the frame is reinforced with 100% carbon fibre CarbonTube, providing a great mechanical response and achieving the perfect balance between power and control. Its inner core is made of MultiEva rubber of two densities, one harder for maximum power in attacking shots, and the other of lower density to get the most out of slower strokes.

It has the best technologies of the Bullpadel brand: Air React Channel, for greater lightness and aerodynamics and Vibradrive, with materials near the grip to reduce the vibrations received by the arm. In addition, the heart of this new Elite has a reinforcement in the arms to achieve greater inertia and absorb the tensions that are received in each blow.

A very light and versatile racket, chosen by the player Gemma Triay to bring out her full potential on court.

Pro Players: Gemma Triay
Brand: Bullpadel
Season: 2022
Gender: Women
Level: Advanced
Shape: Teardrop
Core: Multieva
Racket Face: Fibrix


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