Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 3.1 2022


Get ready to dominate the padel court with Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 3.1 2022 racket! Its innovative design offers power, agility, and comfort.

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ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1 2022 racket is the perfect tool for advanced players who want to dominate the padel court. This racket is distinguished for its innovative and renovated design, which offers greater power to the ball as well as agility and comfort. It is made with carbon, which guarantees excellent power while being a control racket. This makes it ideal for keeping the rhythm of a match and forcing the opponent within our comfort zone.

The round shape of the racket offers a larger sweet spot, which means more accuracy and less error. The racket’s weight is perfectly balanced to allow for easy handling and maneuverability. The structure of the racket is made of carbon, which gives it durability and resistance while being lightweight. The core of the racket is made of Soft Eva Rubber, which helps to reduce vibrations and increase comfort.

The racket face is made of Carbono Aluminizado, which offers excellent precision and power. This innovative design enhances the ball’s grip on the racket, resulting in greater control and accuracy. The ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1 2022 racket is suitable for both men and women, and its control type of game makes it ideal for players who prefer a more technical and strategic style of play.

Overall, the ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1 2022 racket is a top-of-the-line option for advanced players who want to take their game to the next level. Its innovative design, combined with its excellent power and control, makes it an excellent choice for any serious padel player looking to dominate the court.

Brand: Adidas
Gender: Unisex
Level: Advanced
Type Of Game: Control
Shape: Round
Structure: Carbon
Core: Soft Eva Rubber
Racket Face: Carbono Aluminizado


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