Adidas KRM260 2022

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Adidas KRM260 padel racket is a racket for intermediate and advanced players. It is designed for those who are looking for power in their shots, leaving everything in the attacking shots.

Manufactured with a carbon frame for greater rigidity and durability, fibreglass outer core, which provides greater elasticity in the ball exit and low density Eva Soft Performance rubber, achieving greater comfort on ball impact.

It has the Structural Reinforcement technology, which are perimeter reinforcements distributed throughout the racket that generate greater resistance to the high torsions that the racket withstands. In addition, thanks to the Smart Holes Lineal system, the durability of the racket is also improved through the arrangement of the holes in groups of three.

To achieve greater power in the strokes, it has the Power Embrossed Bridge system, an external rib on the frame that provides greater rigidity to the structure, designed for the most aggressive blades that allow us to achieve greater power in the stroke.

A diamond-shaped racket with a high balance with which you will get the most power in your shots without sacrificing comfort.

Brand: Adidas
Gender: Unisex
Level: Intermediate
Type Of Game: Power
Shape: Diamond
Structure: Carbon
Racket Face: Fiberglass


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