Padel Courts in: Ayia Napa

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Find padel courts in Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa is a town located on the southeast coast of Cyprus. It is known for its beaches, clubs, and nightlife. Ayia Napa also offers a number of attractions such as an outdoor padel court with stunning sea views of the Mediterranean Sea. The padel courts are located close to the beach so players can enjoy the beach after a perfect game of padel. Padel Rumors has listed them all. It is easy to play padel in Ayia Napa. Check out the padel courts we’ve listed below and book your padel court today. We have the full list for Ayia Napa: ✓ Padel courts ✓ Padel centres ✓ Padel academies ✓ Personal trainers

Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites

Napa Mermaid Hotel

If you're looking for a hotel with a padel court in Ayia Napa, look no further than Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites. The hotel offers one outdoor padel court with...

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