Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control 2023


Looking for maximum control in your game? Check out the Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control 2023 racket! Made with Xtend Carbon 12K, MultiEva rubber, and CarbonTube frame, this round racket also features CustomWeight, Vibradrive, and Topspin sand for added spin. Perfect for advanced or professional players, and comes with the Hesacore grip.

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The Vertex 03 Control 2023 is a round racket designed for advanced or professional players looking for maximum control.

It is made of Xtend Carbon 12K carbon, MultiEva rubber and CarbonTube frame. In addition, to modify the weight and balance of the racket, it has the CustomWeight system, which is added to the Metalshield protector.

To reduce the risk of injury with the vibrations that the racket receives when hitting, it has the Vibradrive technology, the new Vertex core and the Nerve channels.

In addition, it has a rough surface in Topspin sand, with which you will be able to give more spin to your shots. Like all the ProLine range of Bullpadel incorporates the hesacore grip.

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Brand: Bullpadel
Season: 2023
Gender: Unisex
Level: Advanced
Type Of Game: Control
Shape: Round
Weight: 365-375 Gr
Structure: Carbon 12k
Core: Eva Rubber
Racket Face: Carbon 12k


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