Head Speed Motion 2023

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Get the ultimate control and power with the Head Speed Motion 2023 racket! Designed for advanced players, this versatile teardrop-shaped racket is made with carbon, glass, Power Foam rubber core, and graphene reinforcements. It’s the lightest racket in the Speed range and comes with a bi-component construction material cap with Soft Butt Cap technology for a comfortable grip. Play like a pro with the racket Ari Sanchez uses!

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The Head Speed Motion 2023 racket is a new racket designed for advanced or professional players. It is the racket that Ari Sanchez, professional player, plays with. Weighing 360 grams, it is the lightest racket in the Speed range.

It is a racket with a teardrop shape and medium-high balance with a very good relationship between power and control, standing out for its absolute versatility.

It is made with a carbon and glass interlaced surface, internal Power Foam rubber core and graphene reinforcements in the frame, making it a racket with a more elastic surface and greater ball output.

The construction with Auxetic technology makes it widen when a “traction” force is applied and contract when it is squeezed. The greater the force applied, the greater the Auxetic reaction.

The new cap made of bi-component construction material with Soft Butt Cap technology provides a comfortable and soft grip, reducing vibrations and thus preventing injuries typical of this sport.

A totally renewed racket compared to the previous version that offers unique sensations and great versatility.

Brand: Head
Season: 2023
Gender: Unisex
Level: Advanced
Type Of Game: Multipurpose
Shape: Teardrop
Weight: 365-375 Gr


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