Bullpadel Hack 03 Control 2022


Bullpadel Hack 03 Control 2022

The Hack Control racket is a round-shaped racket, with maximum control and high performance.

It is designed for professional or advanced players. Its outer core is made up of the new Tricarbon combined carbon, its inner core of the new MultiEva rubber and its 100% carbon fiber CarbonTube frame. It has the new Metalshield frame that adapts to the new CustomWeight weight plate system that allows modifying the balance of the racket according to the needs of each player.

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Bullpadel Hack 03 Control 2022

It has a Vibradrive system for the absorption of vibrations, Hack heart at the centre and Nerve channels on the side of the racket frame. In addition, it features the innovative Hesacore grip, which reduces effort, vibrations and the probability of injury. The Hack Control racket features the new Adaptia system, developed especially for the rackets of the Pro range.


  • Multieva
  • Tricarbon
  • Hack
  • Vibradrive
  • Air React Channel
  • Custom Weight
  • Carbon Tube
  • Hesacore
  • Metalshield 
  • Nerve
  • Adaptia
Thickness Shape Brand Balance
38mm Round Bullpadel Low
Main feature Player level Model Weight
Control Advanced Men 365-375g



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