Padel Courts in: Nicosia

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Find padel courts in Nicosia. Nicosia is one of the cities in Cyprus where padel is growing. There are several padel courts in Nicosia and Padel Rumors has listed them all. It is easy to play padel in Nicosia as padel has been growing in the city in recent years. Check out the padel courts we’ve listed below and book your padel court today. We have the full list for Nicosia: ✓ Padel courts ✓ Padel centres ✓ Padel academies ✓ Personal trainers

Padel Tennis by Spazio

Padel Tennis By Spazio

Padel courts starting to grow in Cyprus, and Padel Tennis by Spazio is located in Nicosia. Offering two outdoor courts.

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