The TOP couples of APT invited to the Premier Padel of Argentina.

Last Monday, our colleagues at Olé revealed that the organization of the Premier Padel P1 category tournament in Argentina would invite the two top couples of the APT circuit, giving them two of the 3 available WC. Today the news was finally confirmed by the protagonists themselves to Padel Alto.

-Today we confirm it, said Gonzalo Alfonso to Padel Alto.

The Argentine sports newspaper Ole, had announced yesterday that the organization of the Premier Padel Tournament category I, to be held in Argentina in August, would give two of the three available WC to the top couples of the APT circuit.

In this way, the Argentine duos Maxi Arce/Franco Dal Bianco and Gonzalo Alfonso/Federico Chiostri, would compete for the first time in the new circuit, matching up against the top couples in the world.

Although the invitation had been extended, the protagonists had yet to confirm their participation.

Now, Gonzalo Alfonso – number two in the APT ranking – announced to Padel Alto the couple’s participation in the tournament.

-We hadn’t confirmed yet, because we hadn’t received the formal invitation. But today we are going to confirm. Alfonso told Padel Alto.

On the other hand, the couple number one of the APT ranking, Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco, haven’t confirmed yet.

The tournament of category P1 of Argentina, will be played in the city of Mendoza from August 8th to 14th, and will undoubtedly be an excellent opportunity for the top players of the APT circuit to demonstrate their skills in the court, facing some of the best couples in the world.

Source: Padel Alto

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