The FIP Promotion QTF show goes on in Doha

March 13, 2023 – After the successful ‘FIP Rise De La Palma’, the Cupra Fip Tour 2023 – which in the first months of the year has already been ‘travelling’ to three continents Oceania, Europe, South America – has made its annual debut in Asia, in Doha, as the men’s FIP Promotion QTF is staging the Qualifying Tournament from 13 to 14 March, before leaving the stage to the Main Draw from 15 March until 19, when the Final is scheduled.

The tournament has 26 pairs entered by ranking right, in addition to the four qualifiers and the two wild cards with a prize money of €2,500, guarantees 10 FIP ranking points to the winner, going down to one point won by those who reach the round of 16.

The number 67 seeded Jeremy Scatena declared forfeit he is the symbol of French padel and was the tournament’s number one seed paired with Philemon Raichman. The spotlight is now on Mohammed Saadon Alkuwari, world no. 155, the Qatari national player and a well-known face on beINSPort, and the most representative player of his country’s padel movement. Mohammed will play with compatriot and world no. 185 Abdulla Alhijji.

The hypothesis that more than one ‘derby’ could be staged under the Qatari flag comes directly from the seeding, with the Al-Mutawa-Abdulla pair, respectively 199 and 206 in the Fip ranking and number two on the draw, and the pair formed by Abdulaziz Saadon Alkuwari (202) and Ali Alsaygh (258).

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The list of favourites is completed by the Frenchmen Vives-Seurin, number four in the tournament. Just beind them, the Spaniards Rodriguez Vila and Tejero Delgado. The tour of the world ‘aboard’ a Padel racket continues with the Cupra FIP tour, a circuit that, in addition to guaranteeing a first-rate competitive level, aims to spread the discipline by transmitting its values to the new generations. Another objective is favouring the cultural-sporting exchange between the players in addition to being top athletes, they also play the role of true ambassadors of the ‘short racket’.

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