Reveals: Here is the reason why Sanyo doesn't play the next Premier Padel

Sanyo Gutierrez will not play in Rome’s next Premier Padel competition starting in two weeks. The reason is that the star is expecting his second child close to the dates of the second Major of the season. 
— That´s why I´m not going, says Sanyo to Padel Alto. 

Sanyo Gutierrez played the first Premier Padel competition of the year, the Qatar Major, with his brother’s child, Agustin Gutierrez. This was because his regular partner Agustin Tapia was stopped from playing by his sponsor Nox. Something the star himself has told Padel Alto but which Nox itself claims is incorrect and that the brand only recommended its players not to participate in Premier Padel competitions.

As the second competition, the Italy Major, which will be held in the historical venue of Foro Italico in Rome, approaches, Sanyo Gutierrez will not be playing either. But the reason is different. 

— It´s close to the date when we will have our second child. That´s why I´m not going, says the Argentinian star to Padel Alto. 

Nox players Agustin Tapia and Miguel Lamperti are also unlikely to play in the second competition, for which registration closes today. 

Miguel Lamperti’s regular partner, Jon Sanz, has signed up with Agustin Gutierrez. 

A week ago, Agustin Tapia said in an interview with Padel Alto that the situation looked the same as last time ahead of Qatar Major. 

I’m still in the same situation. For now, I’m not playing. Nothing is confirmed, but it´s my brand’s decision, and their thoughts remain the same. It’s a shame, he said in the interview. 

Lamperti agreed with Agustin Tapia in an interview with the Argentinean newspaper Olé. 

— I feel the same way. That’s what I always ask my boss: that this must be resolved so that we can play with the best. Of course, I also put myself in Nox’s place, who has a signed contract and doesn’t want to have a trial with World Padel Tour. We ask that this should be resolved because we want to have the freedom to play. And even sportingly speaking, it’s a problem because, for the Challenger of Mallorca, I have to look for a new partner with all that entails, said Miguel Lamperti to Olé. 

The Italy Major starts on the 23rd of May, and the finals will be played on the 28th. This season it´s the second Major tournament of four on the Premier Padel circuit. 

Read all news about the Premier Padel here. 

Source: Padel Alto

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