New top couples on the APT Padel Tour

After several top players of the APT circuit decided to go their separate ways, there are many new couples that will make their debut in the next Master of Seville.

Later the Masters held in South Africa, and with only four tournaments played in the season, several couples of the APT circuit have decided to change partners in search of better results.

 After the separations of Quiles/Julianoti, Melgratti/Oliveira, Allemandi/Torre and Gutierrez/Sanchez Blasco these are the new couples formed:

Yain Melgratti and Julio Julianoti (number 6 and 8 of the ranking respectively) decided to join their paths, thus becoming the number 4 seeded couple. Melgratti, comes from playing for the second time in his career with the Portuguese player Miguel Oliveira, while Julianoti has just separated from the Argentine player Federico Quiles.

Another pair that will be protagonist of the circuit is the one formed by Agustin Torre (who separated from Allemandi) and Miguel Oliveira. The young Argentine talent and the experienced Portuguese player will make their debut in the next tournament as the number 5 couple in the ranking.

In addition, the star Cristian Gutierrez, who has just separated from Maxi Sanchez Blasco, will start a new project with the young player Ignacio Piotto (number 651 in the ranking).

Other pairings making their debut at the upcoming Seville Master (16th-22nd May) will be; Adrian Allemandi & Facu Dominguez, Fede Quiles & Leo Augsburger, Maxi Sanchez Blasco & Juani de Pascual, Santi Rolla & Matias Almada and JP Flores & Fazendeiro.

Source: Padel Alto

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