Agustin Tapia to Padel Alto: ”My desire to play is 100%”

Agustin Tapia was the big talking point ahead of Premier Padel’s first competition in Qatar as the world number three was missing from the starting list. Now the next competition in Rome is approaching. To Padel Alto, the star talks about the start of the season and his thoughts about his participation in the upcoming Premier Padel tournaments. 
— My desire to play is 100%, no one should doubt that.

Last week, Agustin Tapia’s partner Sanyo Gutierrez said to Padel Alto that they have been among the most regular pairs on the tour during the start of the season. After one title and three semifinals on the World Padel Tour, that’s something Tapia agrees with. 

— Maybe we have been one of the most regular couples. Let’s hope to continue like that. We value our start of the season very much, winning a title and reaching three semifinals. The current level of play is fantastic, what we did has a lot of merit. Although the balance is positive, we want more, but we are very happy and hope to continue on this path. We were first in the 2022 race, and now we’re second, just a few points behind. We’ll go tournament after tournament and match after match.

Agustin Tapia and Sanyo Gutierrez have started the season facing the world number one pair Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan in three of the four tournaments. In Reus, they won comfortably, while in Alicante and Vigo, they lost badly. According to Sanyo, these numbers should have been more even than the scoreboard shown.

”Played close to perfection”

Something that Agustin Tapia disagrees with.  

— In Reus, we were at a great level; you have to, to beat the number one´s. We played at our highest level. In Vigo, we could have done more, but we lacked a little, and they were just winners. In Alicante, they gave us no chance. 

P.A: And why do you think they were such different matches?

— Mainly because our level was not the same. In Alicante our level was much lower than the one we showed in Reus. In the other two games, Juan and Ale showed why they are the number one, and they played close to perfection. When they play well, it is tough to beat them. I don’t think we were up to the match.

The 22-year-old Argentine star was the big talking point before Premier Padel’s first Qatar Major competition. All the world players on the men’s side were on the starting list, except Nox-sponsored Agustin Tapia and Miguel Lamperti.

”I’m still in the same situation”

In an interview with Padel Alto, Agustin Tapia said that it was his sponsor Nox’s decision not to let him play because he has a contract with the World Padel Tour. Nox, in turn has a sponsorship contract with the WPT. 

— I’m still in the same situation. For now I’m not playing. There is nothing confirmed, but it´s my brand’s decision and their thoughts remain the same, it’s a shame, he says. 

The following Major of the new circuit is to be played in Rome from May 23 to 29.

— The truth is that there is nothing defined. Hopefully, I will play. But in the end, I can do nothing. They have to confirm it (Nox), so I’ll be waiting. My desire to play is 100%, no one should doubt that.

P.A: What do you think about the new circuit? Were you able to see the tournament in Qatar? 

— Of course, like everyone else. What I could see on TV was very nice. I saw almost all the matches. 

”I always want to be there”

P.A: When you watched the matches, did you wanted to be there to play it?

— Yes, of course, as it also happens to me in WPT when I lose and can’t take part on the weekend. I watch the matches, and I still want to be there. I always want to be there.

P.A: But it is not the same when the decision depends on a third party? In this case Nox. 

— Yes, but losing in the first round and watching it on TV is also tricky. But well, I always try to think positive. If it hasn’t happened, it’s for a reason. If it happens, perfect, but for now, I have my head on Brussels and on improving myself. I have a lot to improve.

Agustin Tapia and Sanyo Gutierrez will be the number three seeded couple in the next WPT tournament, the Brussels Padel Open. The tournament will be the fifth Open event of the 2022 season and will be held from May 2 to 8 in Belgium.

Source: Padel Alto

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